Not enough parallel worlds

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Insomnia sharpened in delusions and mystics failures.
Letters biodegradable make a tridimensionalization a word-being that
disgusted, leaves the sheet.
Hermits, the hands of the writer, swimming in milk and a shoreline not exist.
Worlds bewildering of real it born and die between commas and exclamation points.
Something’s in the air imminent – the spaces are converging…
The poet is saved by label of crazy, only the narrator climbs to the scaffold.
A heretic court sentenced him for killing the characters of his books,
the rope of ink tenderly wraps him, the chair that it overturns is
the unique object of the viscous reality, where readers sleep with the book in hands…
Next day will live complete indifference the news that another writer is dead


Mondi non abbastanza paralleli

Insonnie affilate nei deliri e mistici fallimenti.
Lettere biodegradabile tridimensionalizando una parola-essere che,
disgustata, lascia…

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