Mute dialogues…

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

The light turns to liquid; you enjoy and drink from the eyes of the sweetheart as an ocean
its salt transforms to you too in salt
Who loved at least once his body burned as an offering… – said the poet
When the flame of love, the oblivion it lights his a cigarette, the smoke you throw it in your eyes
and you think you are enveloped by the warmth and splendor while you are the ashes – waggish said
one who loved himself, as it should love the neighbor…
The statues look in an ironic silence a pair of lovers, the light increase, naturally…


Dialoghi muti…
La luce diventa liquido, tu godi e bevi dagli occhi dell’amata come un oceano
il suo sale ti trasforma anche a te in sale
Chi ha amato almeno una volta ha il suo corpo bruciato come…

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