valeriu dg barbu

trilungual post: english, italian and romanian

a long series of tentative, of the silly beautiful errors,
of the small victories – that’s my way through verbs…
I do not increase them or, in some way, I not diminish them

I got to wonder if
I live this life or she on me?
I’m just an endless string of intentions…

it trickle the cosmos through my fingers,
and in chest thin, thin …a thread by love runs through vertical
dissolve me and reconstructs me it with amazing speed…

the vibration it consumes latent
is a miracle and I will be dead sometime much more… antipathetic.
than you are often, here alive


una lunga serie di tentativi, dei begli errori, sciocche,
delle piccole vittorie – questa è la mia strada attraverso i verbi …
Io non li aumento in qualche modo e non li diminuisco
sono giunto a chiedermi se

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