last minute

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: english, italian and romanian

The sky is a blank receipt, you and I – the opinions,
Phosphorescent secretions wrong fluidize the bones of the earth
The decor has gewgaws illusions of luxury
The Death we establish our pedigree and postpone us with ironic generosity
The primordial love has designed us precarious, hastily, the birds with a wing,
Our love is a love of second hand; we take in the arms that happen, at random
the expiry date has passed, in the birthday that is celebrated every year as a defiance…
The receipt folds it and hide it at the breast, no love is free
no opinion soluble, no bone without a dog of the earth on the prowl
the illusions are always hungry – opens your arms, it’s up to you…


Il cielo è una ricevuta in bianco, tu ed io pareri,
Secrezioni fosforescenti fluidizzano storto le ossa…

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