Better than me

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: english, italian and romanian

If I had been more thoughtful to put aside
in early youth, at least one sound
from song of the skylark, from the cuckoo,
the beating of wings of robins…
If I had pasted on my shoulder at least one the leaf
from forests, today moved into factors of progress,
A gesture almost crushed at dusk
A few tears torn from mother
when I won the prize with wreath,
when she looked at me hidden behind the tents
how I awkward hugged just wide, the first time,
a schoolmate girl from sixth grade
when I passed the first exam and
hidden care of my father that accompanied me as a talisman…
All these things I’ve lost
If I had put aside my life
Who would have lived on it… with so many mistakes better than me?


Migliore di me
Se fossi stato…

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