inferential conception

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text: english, italian and romanian

I slipped between the people at the entrance of the underground
I noticed one that looked like me, then another and yet another
absolutely all had my face, or I had theirs face, same thing …
it seemed like an ant-hill
I arrived home at last, I pulled the white cloth from the mirrors and I
I had the face the mirror, the mirror was reflected in my eyes
Now I’m afraid to gaze at those who I have wronged them in some way

Mi infilai tra la gente all’ingresso della metropolitana
notaì uno che assomigliava a me, poi un altro e un altro ancora
assolutamente tutti avevano il mio viso, o io il loro, stessa cosa…
sembrava come guardassi un formicaio
Sono arrivato finalmente a casa, ho tirato il panno bianco dagli specchi ed io
avevo faccia di specchio, lo specchio si rifletteva…

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