Just now

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian

Scroll the collar of soul and bite the hand of bearer of bread
You would hesitate because you do not believe in destiny
Your biography is written wrongheaded, upside down
The fear emphasizes, the vanity puts crooked accents
The faith corrects with red, the disease crumples the sheets
Love erases everything and now, only now, you do not understand
What’s the writing, the bread, the destiny, the in vain…
The teeth remain as the only anchor in reality
Expanding the impossible …and how not to bite!…


Solo ora
Arrotoli colletto dell’anima e mordi la mano al portatore del pane
Esiteresti perché non credi nel destino
La tua biografia è scritta all’incontrario, capovolta
La paura sottolinea, l’orgoglio mette storti accenti
La fede corregge in rosso, la malattia accartoccia i fogli
L’amore cancella tutto e ora, solo ora, non capisci
A cosa serve la scrittura, il…

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