Take it so

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian

The life comes without instructions for use… Take it so
without testing it, without whims, without hesitations…
Enough his doubts about you and you need always to convince it,
in the fight the who against the who, that you are at the helm of the moment and she,
as a wide and deep water, it must to flows only through natural aggregations…
and even if you were flying, cannot cross it without getting wet
however, you will not know who by who consume…


Prendila così
La vita è fornita senza le istruzioni per l’uso… Prendila così
senza provarla, senza birichinate, senza esitazioni…
basterebbero i suoi dubbi sul conto tuo e ti serve sempre convincerla,
nella lotta chi contro chi, che tu sei al timone dell’attimo e lei,
come un’acqua profonda e vasta, deve soltanto percorre le aggregazioni con naturalezza …
e anche se volassi…

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