valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

There is still smoke without fire and fire without smoke
There is still a the Then without a Now
Still we hunt chimeras customized or bulk
Wasted the time, so hoping to win

There is still the fire without smoke and smoke without fire
Still believe in the blind luck
and we say Love for any sensations
of air void between the anemic breaths

There is still the tear that welling up out of the blue
There is still water transformed in wine
When will we grow hands more to give
Than those learned just for receive


C’è ancora fumo senza fuoco e fuoco senza fumo
Ancora c’è un Allora senza nessun Adesso
Ancora cacciamo chimere personalizzati o sfusi
Sprecando tempo, sperando di vincerlo così

Ancora c’è fuoco senza fumo e fumo senza fuoco
Ancora crediamo nella cieca fortuna
E diciamo Amore…

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