Background noise

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

poetry is like the rain
awaited, nutritious, reviled
it’s gets to the bone, then
you can even cough a while
some will say that I have said here that poetry
it would be just … rainwater
because they like to wear than those umbrellas
with chemical formulas drawn up to do analysis
able to immediately determine the percentage of acidity…
you cannot live poetry just by listen the gusts on your forehead
like a background noise
just a moment let to be soluble, awaiting the return of the Sun
crouching up in a shell of raindrop


Rumore di fondo
la poesia è come la pioggia
attesa, nutriente, oltraggiata
ti entra fino all’osso, poi
è anche possibile tossire un po’
alcuni diranno che ho detto qui di poesia che
sarebbe solo … l’acqua piovana
perché a loro piace indossare ombrelli
con delle formule chimiche…

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