fed up of weariness

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

Imagine a waiting room, smelling of alcohol and urine
Or a gang dedicated to breaking the thread of the mind, the school of life, here,
Among the failures that claim auras of celebrity,
Slumbers, vegetate, the generator of courage – you just have visited a ruin
The museum, not yet opened, of the unique my real self
No traces of ex – enthusiastic beginnings – boost
Nor contrails of the echo of ex-relationships, I will not tell these the loves
But, an impeccably, well-polished, condition of sublime failure, called
Life experience


Stufo di stanchezza
Immagina una sala d’attesa, maleodorante di alcool e urina
O uno gang consacrata alla rottura del filo della mente, scuola di vita, qui,
Tra i fallimenti che pretendono aura della celebrità,
Sonnecchia in vegetazione il generatore di coraggio – appena hai visitato una rovina
Il museo, non ancora inaugurato…

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