Facebook Street, number 17

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

It’s hard until the world knows you, then,
Any hiccough of yours becomes lyrical
And each sweat smells like Chanel,
Your name counts now and not your opera […]
The world wants to touch your relics,
And you, stubborn and shameless still remain alive
If a humble Willy Shakes lasts forever, it’s because
He didn’t have an account on Facebook,
That it recognizes him only as a street name, and anyway,
Who would choose today to live him, gullible in love,
Like only he can be? (english version by Emanuel Patrascioiu)


Via Facebook, numero diciassette
È difficile fino a quando il mondo ti conosce, poi,
Tuo Qualsiasi singhiozzo diventa lirica
E ogni scorreggia puzza Chanel,
Il tuo nome conta adesso, e non la tua opera […]
Il mondo vuole toccare le tue reliquie,
E tu, testardo e spudorato, rimani ancora vivo
Se un…

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