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Go to picking of compassions
the mushrooms after the rain alleged hostile
You say hello to the strangers with outstretched hat
You cannot diddle the shoes under the skin
to be believe that you’re barefoot by sincere
For reasons of hygiene or impotencies
hide under smile the recoil of a teardrop unspoken
an inertia, unsuspected positive, betray you –
on the eyelids it raises the imposture
leaves you with pride at sight – as a stigma
or scars of war of you against you
and receives only half-answers to the greeting

vai alla raccolta delle compassioni
i funghi dopo la pioggia presunta ostile
saluti i sconosciuti con il cappello teso
non ti puoi mettere le scarpe sotto la pelle
per credersi che sei scalzo di sincero
per ragioni di igiene o di impotenze
nascondi sotto il sorriso un rinculo di una lacrima inespressa

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we continue until the bingo or … Earth, a souped-up ball

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual post: English, Italiano, Română

Birds forgotten inert
as living statues
leaves plucked from the branch
are motionless in the air that seems to
a compact ice block
Everything is stiff in a crystal
it breathes inside
each in its carcass
thoughts crowded up to the implosion
illegible Post-it
the hologram of the world locked
as a reminder of terror
is a sign that the great puppeteer
rest his hands

in the room often called The Universe
the megaphones have thundered
was shouted line
we continue until the bingo


Continuiamo fino al bingo o … Terra, una pallina truccata
Uccelli dimenticati inerti
come le statue viventi
foglie strappate dal ramo
immobili nell’aria che sembra
un blocco di ghiaccio compatto
Tutto è compattato in un cristallo
si respira all’interno
ciascuno nella sua carcassa
i pensieri zeppi fino all’implosione
dei post-it illeggibili
l’ologramma del mondo bloccata
come un ricordo del…

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The poem erected (2)

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You might believe that all illegitimate children
are conceived through photosynthesis
That you could save the love
putting aside for times of eucharis
That suffice it to say words stereotyped
conventional tender
as the prayers in a hurry
You might believe that all the nerves
are plotting in tune with the virtues
to transform them in some way in the vices
and that being a poet is a kind of disability
as a patient who is suffering from a venereal
or a pencil impaled straight in the spine
a finger always superfluous
You might believe that you could become erect, only sitting, first,
a long time humble in the emptied itself
in the end
we keep the word, even in silence
as of the elastic sticks
to scare away stray dogs of fate
and not to lose ourselves in that wandering on who we going

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the erected poem

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Trilingual post: English, Italiano, Română

I caress the knee of the glass and ask him
how much is jealous
when I forget it in a corner of the table among the texts never finished
and I betray him with a woman
knowing that most of the men kiss the lips of the glasses
looks at me with full of eyes
from the beads somehow tells me
you are looking for the truth in wine
the mystery in the women
and poetry in meat of the paper
a sort of minor trinity
the poetry and the women often it leaves you
and so not his sorrows it drowned as well as the sweet too fleeting
you always come back to me because it’s so
to drink your soul to the last drop
just one thing to keep in mind
,, to let the woman drink from me,
your glass,
is an…

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Tree of poems (2)

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Trilingual post: English, Italiano, Română

motto:perhaps that the tree of Eden was full just of poems …

many do not enjoy the peace, because they do not know what is the war
many do not enjoy the health, because they do not know what is the disease
some rejoice for a simple greeting, because they know
what is loneliness
and there are those who
never get tired of donating
because they know what is love

b1Albero dei poemi (2)
motto:forse l’albero edenico era pieno soltanto di poemi …

molti non godono la pace, perché non sanno cos’è la guerra
molti non godono la salute, perché non sanno cos’è la malattia
alcuni gioiscono per un semplice saluto, perché sanno
cos’è la solitudine
e ci sono quelli che
non si stancano mai di donare
perché essi sanno cos’è l’amore

b4Pomul cu poeme (2)
motto: poate că pomul edenic era plin…

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Tree of poems (1)

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Trilingual post: English, Italiano, Română

the poem is a mountain,
an ocean, a temple, a hospital,
a tavern,
a hotel, a road, a tree
and never a wall

my life so far
is just a verse
from a poem with too many grammatical typos
and when it will be passed on clean, I will be deleted –
this poem is the name of all people on the planet

the poem is a mountain,
an ocean, a temple, a hospital, a tavern, a hotel …
a cemetery
without pits – here, the lyrics are burnt offering
– the phoenix of sigh, of smile and regrets

a1Albero delle poesie (1)
il poema è una montagna,
un oceano, un tempio, un ospedale,
un albergo, una strada, un albero
e mai un muro
la mia vita finora
è solo un versetto
da un poema con troppi errori grammaticali
e quando sarà passato…

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Induced melancholies

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Trilingual post: English, Italiano, Română

Melancholies that die of old age
I never saw
It is the buttons that make to ,,buttoned – unbuttoned,, the love from the body
A precaution or the exercise of sadness
In their seed grows the smile from which
You could do an ointment for rheumatism of the soul
The indifferences or false concerns

A2Malinconie indotte
Le malinconie che muoiono di vecchiaia
Non ho visto mai
Sono dei bottoni che abbottona – sbottona l’amore dal corpo
Una precauzione o l’esercizio di tristezza
Nel loro nocciolo cresce il sorriso dal quale
Si potrebbe fare una pomata contro i reumatismi dell’anima
Le indifferenze o falsi preoccupazioni

A3melancolii induse
melancolii care să moară de bătrânețe
n-am văzut
ele sunt nasturii care încheie descheie iubirea de corp
o precauție sau exercițiu de tristețe
în sâmburele lor crește surâsul din care
ai putea să faci alifie contra reumatismul sufletului

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