Come here

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text: English, Italian and Romanian languages

in the skin taut until to Alpha Centauri
in the nerves twisted on his neck as a rope at the cleat
in the bones that not liking it earth, let alone of Death
in the inability to fly even with wings
in the waters troubled from that it springs the glassy lights
in the fogs so deep that you suspect is definitive
in the cells, on their own, warring with the gods
in the ordinary of a boredom, taken as a virtue
in the hunger for another hungry – where hunger has plural
in the childhood of a sob, looking to the Creator, with the unacknowledged fear
come here, and then ask me to be polite to you, with you one of the mirrors
the enumeration this here is pointed with finger sharp as a scalpel
you will not come, I know…

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