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trilingual post: english, italiano, română

on the scales of the sky
hang a mosquito heavier
than the soul of a child
Africa, viewed from up there
in the cupped hands clean of the gods
seems only a golden blot
a streak of grape must
those allegedly as being civilized world
we weigh the eternity of these children killed by disease
like a metaphor
In fact, passed all at the banality
and nobody
nobody thinks that
a drop of love could cure even the gods
their brilliant indifference
What you should do
I can not answer the gaze of glassy eyes
in the eyes of these children? …
order quickly a pizza
close all channels of news from Africa
to send a poem to the editorial staff
about the exaggerated price of diamonds to the stock exchange
and wait for the day of judgment
behold, this is…

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the contrails of poetry – le scie di poesia – dâre de poem

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post: english, italiano, română – photo by Eiko Ojala

the air conditioning is
your whispers
your eyes
are walls of the room
the remaining
just imaginings

Eiko Ojala 1

l’aria condizionata è
i tuoi sussurri
i tuoi occhi
sono i muri della stanza
nel resto
soltanto fantasticherie

Eiko Ojala

aer coniționat
șoaptele tale
ochii tăi
sunt pereții odăii
doar închipuiri

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valeriu dg barbu

triligual post: english, italiano, română

I would have pleasant this day
the life
if it were as a cigarette without filter
to be able to light it
at each end of


mi sarebbe piaciuto questa giornata
la vita
se fosse come una sigaretta senza filtro
di poter accenderla
a ciascuna estremità


mi-ar plăcea ziua aceasta
să fie ca o țigară fără filtru
să o pot aprinde
la oricare dintre capete

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Nocturne (one) It is war Marie

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trilingual post: English, Italiano, română

Love, oh, love as a grenade
In one hand I keep nail
And in other grenade and no longer counting for up to seven
I have time to throw me down at the bottom than ever
to open a letter unwritten
to open a beer (like a grenade) to unbutton night
in all things, I find the impending implosion
you, gunpowder
I, gunpowder
love is a spark
I am the ex, you an ex
Marie is war and we are ammunitions that will wound the chest of the instant
take the nail a bit
until I will rolled up the foothills of the night
is the eighth sky, already?
(And as you wanted to touch the ninth)
It is war Marie

Notturne – uno
È guerra Marie
L’amore, oh, l’amore come una granata
In una mano tengo il chiodo
E nell’altra la granata e non…

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my wishes for you

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trilingual post: english, italiano, română

for all those who have faith in Jesus, I wish you a Happy Christmas
to all the souls of all humanity I wish to have the hope alive always
to have a new year with new and lasting joys
Cristallo sospensione abete filetto
per tutti quelli che hanno fede in Gesù, vi auguro un Felice Santo Natale
a tutte le anime di tutta l’umanità auguro di avere sempre viva la speranza
di avere un nuovo anno con nuove e durevoli gioie

pentru toți care au credință în Iisus vă doresc un Crăciun Binecuvântați
tuturor sufletelor din întrega umanitate le doresc să aibă vie speranța totdeauna
să aveți un an nou cu bucurii noi și durabile


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you are this child – tu sei questo bambino – tu eşti acest copil

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trilingual text

this child, killed today
by indifference,
by favorable economic gaps for namely someone,
by weapons increasingly too professional
by ambitions and scientific experiments,
by industrial progress and by excessive chemical transformation of foods,
by anti-human laws and by political decisions and strategic
part of the national security … it could have been
it could have been the doctor that you would be saved from death
it could have been the one, who would lead by the arm if you would have become blind due your modern gluttony,
it could have been the genius that humanity has imperious need
it could have been the priest that officiate your funerals
it could have been a holy… and also be
into all those who today condemn children to death…
social systems are built at the feet of God Money
the rest is an immense, immeasurable hypocrisy…
this baby killed today, it’s…

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