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That... (trilingual post)
those who listen
as the flower sings the hymn to the sky
who hears drawn swords in sheaths –
these playful petals
defying butterflies
to postpone to beating the wing which
would strike the glass of the sky
crush it

that knows what is the longing

chi ascolta
come canta il fiore l’inno al cielo
chi ascolta le spade uscite dai foderi –
questi petali giocherelloni
sfidando le farfalle
di rinviare il battere ala che
avrebbe colpito il vetro del cielo

quello sa cos’è la nostalgia

cine aude
cum cântă floarea imn cerului
cine aude săbiile scoase din teci –
aceste petale obraznice
sfidând fluturii
să-și amâne bătaia de aripă care
ar lovi sticla cerul

acela știe ce-i dorul

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valeriu dg barbu

trilingual text

a particle of cold
slips deep in my bones, gelatinous

I take a handful of letters, all that I have, I sort them a pile
in the middle of the room, like the gypsies,
I find it hard to turn them, blowing, rummage with trembling fingers
I did, I managed

I managed a hell, all the heat and smoke goes up rapidly at
the girl with the eyes of wax
She smiles now, drunk of verses…
I still tremble
to scatter the ashes and then I you gather again
I wrap myself in them, maybe I’ll dream a phoenix and
nothing, that particle fled, taking with him the bones, dreams

The girl-smile-perpetual
yellowed, from a photo, it tells me that will be from now on… just so


(foto de Stanislav Aristov)

una particella di freddo
scivola in profondità nelle ossa, gelatinosa

prendo una manciata di lettere, tutto ciò…

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Eulogy for the No. – Lode per… il No – Elogiu lui Nu

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Trilingual text

I want nothing
And should not even I continue here
The unit of measurement for the disgust is precisely this angle
Why to consume pleasantries – impulses?
Why do I worry about the loneliness of others, when my loneliness is authentic?
although do not entirely owns me in round herself
You can take all the things
I do not hang from any objects
The testament I wrote explicitly: your name, one by one
Take this haze called heaven, take the intake called existence
for some time …I exist in outside, ex-ist…
Here is no longer here, it swallowed of a beyond beyond, where even if I wanted to I have namely something
I do not have hands to grasp; I have no body, but only a fantastic opinion
Do not cry for me, not even hypocrites, I’m not dead, just that
I do not want anything at all…

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cubic numbness – torpore cubico – amorțeală cubică

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trilingual text

we are in congruence in the same space
stiffened in the air cubic –
on a shaft of light … growing doubts
without waiting to mature, we start to biting and
we love presumptively, gesturing involute and accurate
a random wind snatch us the answer before to understand
our behaviors are annular
repetitive until a perfect amnesia, then in this space here
we separates worse than any distance


siamo in congruenza nello stesso spazio
induriti nell’aria cubica –
su un’asta di luce… crescono i dubbi
senza attendere di maturarsi, mordiamo e
amiamo presuntivamente, gesticolando evolvente e precisi
un vento casuale ci strappa la risposta prima di capirla
i comportamenti sono anulari
ripetitivi, fino all’amnesia perfetta, poi questo spazio qui
ci separa peggio di qualsiasi lontananza


congruentăm același spațiu
înțeleniți în aer cubic –
pe-un vrej de lumină cresc dubii
nemai așteptând să se coacă, mușcăm și
iubim prezumtiv…

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Concerto in C major for an era and an ear – Concerto in Do maggiore per un evo e un orecchio – Concert în Do major pentru un ev și-o ureche

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Triligual text

the walls have more voice than ear
You know, Edgar has cancer, Eva fell in love with a
It is not true, it makes by money, supposedly that in today’s day it do transplant even of…
(washing machine squeezes contrabasses,
the vacuum cleaner barking to cats, a saucer of porcelain it gives the soul on the floor,
the dog, up, on top of the wardrobe, is throwing in the head)
the walls have more envy than concrete
You know, this ox of next door has taken a car, the sow of wife nor responds
to the hello and I think that… (washing machine
grumbles then pounding, becomes a jackhammer at the same time)
a roar of trucks, a rustling of the cars – I went out to the streets
I heal my hearing
I parked obliquely my disgust and …I run, run, and run batty
out of…

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I’m waiting a baby – Sto aspettando un bambino – Aștept un copil

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Trilingual text

Three signs in the sky, three in earth,
this baby will be born –
with him, the door-egg opens towards
for the same world,
where will still have to suffer, there will still be obstacles –
no one can live life to the place of another
and if with his birth would abolished the pain in the world,
with this would fall out even the joys, the passions –
the struggle of life, metamorphosis for perfection
this baby will be born on the threshold of the heart
also for one who do not waiting for him –
This news scares me and I rejoice strange
if he find empty manger of my soul
without a little’, even dry hay, of good deeds? –
for the poor creatures who have warmed by their breath,
in Bethlehem, so, I will give they a little’ food…
Three signs in the…

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The wounds of love unfulfilled – Le ferite d’amori incompiuti – Rănile iubirilor neîmplinite

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Trilingual text

Fine powders are dissolved from the sky oxidized,
it would seem that the sunset comes first for some,
or, themselves enter by mistake …who knows
a subtle breeze of perfume,
as it was once the detergent
brings a projection of a level overlapped, on a certain afternoon.
where I go to the first date: – She, a generic hologram,
it embraced more often as you might know –
the imagination is bold and natural, not like me shy, clumsy
the selfish emotion a sip it from all of a sudden
leaving me only the intention
– that still I did keep intact
tonight, here
from the dust of the miracles, I try to cleared Anna of the stones hidden long ago
in the stone-on-stone of a dream that you wanted to flawless – The youthfulness…
the gesture remains in the air, stiffened the…

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