the emptying

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to shut up from the pen, from the hands, from the thoughts
to simulate to eat bringing the spoon always empty to his mouth
to embrace the air like a mistress replete of desire
to do your steps only into the shoes until to grow the roots
to see the sky only an antiseptic glass jar
to sniff the absences with both nostrils and learn the their fragrances
to fill up again the world with your self, ash of Phoenix

per tacere dalla penna, dalle mani dai pensieri
per simulare di mangiare portando cucchiaio sempre vuoto alla bocca
per abbracciare l’aria come un’amante piena di desiderio
per fare i tuoi passi soltanto nelle scarpe fino a quando crescono le radici
per vedere il cielo solo un antisettico barattolo di vetro
per annusare le assenze con l’entrambe narici e imparare le loro fragranze

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until the numbness

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you browse floating above the forest of footprints
you cannot you read in them
how much waste of stalking
how much waste of obsession, sex and shopping
might say you’re the wave of water in which threw the stone
called this levitation a life, a fatality, an anointed city
to tempt The Death with flavor already rotten meat
diaphragm it closes, the picture is spontaneous
until to the numbness

Fino all’intorpidimento
esplori galleggiando sopra la foresta delle orme
non puoi leggere in essi
quanto spreco di agguato
quanto spreco di ossessione, sesso e shopping
potrebbe dirsi che sei l’onda d’acqua in cui si è gettata la pietra
questa levitazione l’ha chiami vita, fatalità, città unta
per tentare La Morte di sapore di carne marcia già
diaframma si chiude, l’immagine è spontanea
fino all’intorpidimento

Până la nesimțire
străbați plutind deasupra pădurii urmelor de pași

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just some pictures from the tight world

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just some pictures from the world of tight, not made ​​by me / solo alcune immagini dal mondo stretto,
non fatte da me / doar câteva imagini din lumea strâmtă, nu sunt facute de mine

Care esti mai din Caracal

Kanal TV

Te gandesti la ce ma gandesc si eu

Waiting for the bus

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something wrong

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a melancholic hobbit lives on my nape
hiding my pencil, pours the coffee on sheets scribbled
and gives with lime increasingly my temples while I sleep
the last time I dreamed about me without mouth and as he drew in his place
a cylindrical book, like a barrel – since then I have not slept
I’m at the barbershop, in waiting for my turn, I will ask to shave me on the head
a voice barely a whisper: something would be wrong to let the homeless
the little man in you, because you’ll never be great without him

qualcosa di sbagliato
un hobbit malinconico abita sul mio collo
mi sta nascondendo la matita, mi versa il caffè sui fogli scarabocchiati
e imbianca sempre di più le mie tempie mentre dormo
L’ultima volta ho sognato me senza bocca e come lui disegnava al suo…

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always the same …something else

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competing with time, I claim to arrive anywhere the first
I have plucking all the cuckoos from the clocks and laugh – I ad hour exactly
at distance of an error in earlier, and also the last place I found
always busy
from today I want to put me a name of the river
being two-thirds water and the rest of intent
I’ll make of the ambitions a boat
but, all the shores are concentrated in the same dial
this time it, the cuckoos to laugh with roar, how an anchor-secondary
bites me by name
Well, I leave it all behind, and I do by my chest an airport
and again I lose; the time never flies at low cost
not remains than to believe me the wind
that always embraces the forest, and the trees
applaud by the leaves, standing ovation

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Did you know that?

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the villagers with the nails of the mind deeply rooted, climb up
in the tree of the sky, desiring the fruit free – those in the city
stretch their pantographs – the nose in the plasticized wind
to the cables that lead directly to the vain, necessarily by luxurious
remains common just the whining of the newborn
intact forgot in the belly of each one
arrives the right time to born – where everyone thinks is died

from the shaft of the vain still falls a leaf
and leaves all amazed, as in ,,Did you know that?,,

Lo sapevi che?
paesani con le unghie della mente profondamente radicate si arrampicano
nell’albero del cielo, bramando il frutto libero – quelli della città
allungano i loro pantografi – naso nel vento plastificato
ai cavi che portano direttamente al invano necessariamente di lusso
rimane comune…

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