My friend John Sokoloff

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Thismanhas a heartfull ofdivine sounds

I sharea songfor youbutyou are lookingonyoutubeout more

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the sick of youthfulness … now completely healed / malati di giovinezza … ora completamente guariti / bolnavi de tinereţe… acum complet vindecaţi

Dormire in un barile di vino? Si può!

Salentusole Wine Club

Vicino alla Foresta Nera e a due passi dalla Francia è possibile dormire in botti di vino abbellite e rese più che vivibili grazie a letti, servizi, decorazioni e… panorami stupendi.

L’ambiente è rustico, ma molto confortevole. Lo spazio interno non è ampio, ma fuori c’è aria buona e si può correre quanto si vuole. Poi dentro si produce energia attraverso fermentazione.

Siamo a Sasbachwalden, il paesaggio è quello che ci si aspetta da una campagna capace di ospitare vigneti, che infatti si aprono su tutti i lati delle botti-hotel: anche se il clima non è quello italiano, la temperatura primaverile è gradevole e quella estiva calda. L’inverno rigido inneva tutto, barili compresi che, provvisti di impianto idraulico e riscaldamento, comunque non sono l’ideale per trascorrere una vacanza rilassante.

I barili hanno spazio a sufficienza per ospitare letti, un tavolo e i servizi. In più gli avventori saranno accolti con salsicce…

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you, where are you? / te, dove sei? / tu, unde eşti?

without the churchs / senza le chiese / fără biserici

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trilingual text


let us imagine a moment the planet… without any church
without any priest
without any prayer, not even in stealthy
now, we go out from this nightmare … in which
even the atheists would be dismayed …
and we imagine this planet exactly as it really is
but, where
to we be all alive …look, you see? …
what the light goes ascend from earth to heaven? …
we too pressed the artificial worry, so we look between us with
orbits of eyes… empty
too we consider the churches as simple things architectonic, as a decor … museum …
and our prayers almost all are related to the verb to have
and not by… verb to be


cerchiamo di immaginare il pianeta un momento … senza nessuna chiesa
senza nessun sacerdote
senza nessuna preghiera, nemmeno in segreto

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Ode to the great failures … / Ode per i grandi fallimenti … / Odă marilor eşecuri…

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trilingual text


we celebrate with great pomp failures
not to reward virtues, but often condemning …
we will put our finger heeltaps’s at how is gnawed and permanent
tireless directed towards just another, anyone else and never by
the “self”, which yeast of inflated ego to give the sides, but not as is due…
we celebrate the decline, singing ode of failures and poverty of spirit and absurd needs
rascals, waster, upstart, are the rulers brought before as being the heroes of this time …
are stigmatized they who remain entire of life obedient, servant of honor, creation, work, fulfilling of fate …
today villains are of price, crowd puts forward and then them impugn, so giving them more magnifying
the peel off the wound of the world will always be alive… as long as we are submissive of wrong standards
and our common language remains only one by exchange…

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get out, but without luggage, clearly! … / vattene, ma senza bagagli, chiaro!… pleacă, dar fără bagaje, clar!…

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trelingual texout of love you can not leave with luggage, it does not leave residues

but merely wounds – on which afterwards these… we display sumptuously as trophies
in true love there is no disappointment, but, wholly burnt
we are just poor sounds, we can not be simultaneously and the instruments
so, nobody can use by us…
any fear in this regard is unfounded …
everything we receive as a gift from Heaven, we seems to be of our, own
into reality, we do nor belong to ourselves –
we are receptacles already full, no space … nothing can be added …
out of love can not one ever get out
it remains as an alter ego, as a third shade, as a curse
and to enter … we enter on the unknowingly… well as into life


dall’amore non si può uscire con i bagagli, lei non lascia i…

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life as a simulated orgasm / la vita come un orgasmo simulato / viaţa ca un orgasm simulat

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we smile in the mirror, she actually smiles,
we remain inwardly devastated by illusions and fears …
we are extremely courteous, we greet neighbors in passing,
hurried and false …
see you events of the world at news, we are terrified… a millisecond –
rejoicing us that not happened to us
we invent expectations …that carries us into bondage
and we hide in the pile of useless things that cost us a fortune …
we live precariously by simulating any … spending the money, and so few, to show others
that we are at least one rank higher than in reality …
if I return inside out, like a shirt
you will see it just a wound
what-if from today I will walk naked through the world, free by
all rules, all hypocrites …
life as a simulated orgasm depresses me and I would not want
as the sole real…

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look, so… / guarda, così / uite, aşa…

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We do waste of joys, they pass besides us without us touching

because… we keep on a leash the child in us, for to seem mature
by fear, avoiding that someone can to laugh at us
one hoax at day … if you do
did you color the sky and did you customize the clouds, your world suddenly will become good …
Caught with daily worries, damned by serious, forget that we live…
we imitate the stereotypical gestures, forced pleasantries, hidden disgust clumsy,
half prayer, half-smile …

The only way to love is disinterested, of which is able
just the child in us … to them we give back freedom, and to be me an example …
right now I began to doodle all the walls – until what my lady returns home..
look, so


Facciamo spreco di gioie, passano oltre a noi senza toccarci
perché … teniamo al guinzaglio…

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what do you want … / cosa vuoi te … / ce vrei tu…

valeriu dg barbu

Motto: want imminent happiness – what do you make of this?

you just want to get – you know what to do with wealth?

I love and so… I never get bored,
invent worlds
I become coal in your fire – and what you want … counts
to would not want anything, it would be the same as a desire
I would like to … do not want anything … To tell the truth, so, I want everything…
I, for one, I want the juvenility, is the unique the most beautiful illusion
and I could have it
if I will opened the cage from other countless hoary illusions
but, just what you want counts…


Motto: vuoi imminente felicità – sai cosa fare di questa?

vuoi soltanto ricevere – sai che cosa fare con la ricchezza?

Io amo e così, non mi annoio mai,
invento dei mondi
divento il carbone nel…

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